Change your Perception

My last post (Are you in Love?) generated a discussion between a group of girlfriends from University that made me think about few things. Looking back at the peak of my work crisis, now connecting the dots, I see that there are lots of things that we can improve in our current situation without having throwing everything up in the air. Tony Robbins once said: “Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning that I give it.” Thinking about this sentence and remembering what I’ve lived during these “dark age” at work, with a demotivation beyond limits, I see that lots of what I’ve been through was inflated due to my perception.

Therefore, this had caused a lot of confusion inside of me, questioning innumerable occasions about my work, my career, thinking that the only way out would be a radical change. Literally, burn all the bridges behind you! Like that that would be no alternative than dedicate myself 1000% to my new plan. The biggest issue was I wasn’t sure about my plan. In reality I see I didn’t have a plan, I had an escape that wasn’t the solution for my problems.

I think it is extremely valid to analyze about how you are feeling and what are the reasons behind this, or where you would like to be in 3, 5 years’ time. However, it is not easy to find a resolution that will be the answer for your dilemma. What have I done instead to make my situation bearable and pleasant for me?

  1. Get away, right now, from people that complaint! Avoid contact with them as much as you can and if this encounter is inevitable you must learn how to shield yourself. Don’t fall into the trap! Complaining is contagious and when you start it can get out of control. Practice silence. Don’t argue, don’t create polemic. In other words, don’t add fuel to the fire.
  2. Doing something that you really enjoy after work helps lot! My passion is dance! I do salsa classes twice a week and when I am there, listening to the music and focusing on the movements, my mind stops worrying. Lots of my friends would say that having this personal time would be almost impossible because of their kids. Then, do something for your personal growth on the precious minutes you have alone. Sow your mind with positive things! Read a good book on your way to work, listen to good music or podcasts for your personal development. Do not keep thinking about all the worries of life during those 20 minutes.
  3. Change your perception. Today that task you do can be unbearable however it can be useful in the future. I remember I used to hate the classes of computer programming at University but if I had engaged myself how I should have done, today it would have helped me immensely! Do your best always!
  4. Be grateful for being able to learn something new, to hear, to think, to create! I guarantee next time you do that same task it will be tolerable.

It was not always I could put in practice what I have suggested above. Sometimes the stress is big and the only thing you will want to do is to scream and complain. Nonetheless, finding balance through the control of our thoughts and feelings is a DAILY exercise. Commit with yourself! Through the change of your attitude you will change your situation.

“Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Émile Coué

It is not about money, it is about you

Today I woke up at 5 am and as soon as I got up I already put a motivational video to play. One of the things I realized during this journey of getting my financial freedom is that it is not about the money, it is about YOU. I know, I know, all the gurus already say that in their videos. What is new about that? Well, it isn’t new until you actually understand the meaning of this sentence.

The video I watched today was TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, the Tony Robbins part. The year of 2017 was the beginning of this realization for me. I thought several times “I just need to learn the mechanics, I am already positive and driven enough.” Wrong!!! You can think you are but there is a looooooong way until you improve yourself and truly act like that. You have bad habits, fear, insecurities, doubts, laziness. And if you don’t exercise your mind every single day and train your behavior, any mechanics in this world will work.

Plus, is not only about the money, it is about satisfaction and purpose. My greatest drive at the point I initiate this was a tremendous dissatisfaction with my work environment which led me to doubt about my career too, not just my job. It took me time to understand that replacing this for making money online just for the sake of being rich was not fulfilling the biggest issue I had: what do I want to do? And this my friend, only yourself can answer. And it’s not easy and you will not find the answer in 3 days.

I also had a very bad habit, that my husband always tried to open my eyes, and I refused to listen. You can’t spend money you do not have! You need to plan first, you must save first, and then invest the rest. Again, it is about you, your habits and attitude! I learned the hardest way that I had to change my bad habit. After lying to my husband about the amount of money I was spending with that, creating unnecessary debt, putting our relationship in jeopardy, I had to change. And I think I am, evolving, getting more mature, returning to my attempt to find an alternative income wisely.

Look to yourself before trying something external to desperately doing something to change. To change your life you have to change yourself. What am I doing different now? Instead of being seduced by all these offers and coaches saying they can help me (and I know they can) and start spending money on them I am investing time on ME! Changing my mindset, training my brain to be truly positive by listening positive things EVERY DAY, day and night, reading. And, what I am doing now with my blog is costing me 17 dollars per year. And that’s how I am back! 😀

What is affiliate marketing?

During my research in the internet for alternative ways to make money, I discovered these 2 words that apparently can change your for life for good: Affiliate Marketing.

In very simple words, you earn commission for products you advertise in the internet. Of course that is some work involved, nothing is for free in this life. However, every video I watched I realized that ANYONE can do that.  And they are normal people, like you and me, that are MILLIONAIRES!

I kept thinking,  “These guys have everything I have: I am intelligent, I am creative, I am social, I know people….than why I am not RICH? What did they do to be so successful financially that I can’t do??”

So, I started my exploratory work to discover these steps and repeat every single one of them.

If there are successful people with Affiliate Marketing out there is because they already passed the phase of (lots) trial and error. So, let’s save some time here and look for the right MENTORS. It is a lie that you can become a millionaire is this business without spending a cent. You don’t need to spend silly money either, but you need to see that as a business. Your business.

This is one of my mentors that is guiding my steps to my MILLIONAIRE GOAL:

John Crestani: Internet Jetset