My personal recommendations

Develop your mind and improve yourself by investing time on you. Reading amazing books is a great way to create the mindset you need, to gain knowledge and expand your horizons. Set a goal to read one book per month. Even if you read during that 20 min on the train it will be already 40 min every day! Forty minutes of wise words and good thoughts can transform your day! The books below are my recommendations, I’ve read them all. It is amazing how one book has so much to offer to you. Read more, this is a great habit!



Why do we do the things we do? Are we actually making decisions in our life that we are aware of? Habits aren’t destiny. They’re science, one which can transform our businesses, our communities, and our lives.

We can always change. In The Power of Habit, award-winning New York Times business reporter Charles Duhigg translates cutting-edge behavioral science into practical self-improvement action, distilling advanced neuroscience into fascinating narratives of transformation.

“Will power isn’t just a skill. It’s a muscle, like the muscles in your arms or legs, and it gets tired as it works harder, so there’s less power left over for the other things.”

Why can some people and companies change overnight, and some stay stuck in their old ruts? The answer lies deep in the human brain, and The Power of Habits reveals the secret pressure points that can change a life.

I absolute love to read about human behavior from a scientific point of view.  In Focus, Psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman, author of the #1 international bestseller Emotional Intelligence, offers a groundbreaking look at today’s scarcest resource and the secret to high performance and fulfillment: attention.

Goleman boils down attention research into a threesome: inner, other, and outer focus. Drawing on rich case studies from fields as diverse as competitive sports, education, the arts, and business, he shows why high-achievers need all three kinds of focus, and explains how those who rely on Smart Practices—mindfulness meditation, focused preparation and recovery, positive emotions and connections, and mental “prosthetics” that help them improve habits, add new skills, and sustain greatness—excel while others do not.

I like to highlight the sentences that call my attention and make me think. In this book, you will stop to analyze yourself several times. “Negative focus leads to discouragement and disengagement. When our neural centers for distress take over, our focus shifts to the distress itself, and how to ease it. We long to tune out.” So, let’s put in practice our positive focus and smart practice to become a better person and have the life we want.


This book is a great start for the year! Think and Grow Rich is a must read for every person on this planet, not only entrepreneurs. It is a shift in mindset of how you should live your life and a daily exercise in order to implement! There are several updated versions available but I decided to go for the original. Read more than one time.

Think and Grow Rich, first published in 1937, took more than twenty years of research to compile. Napoleon Hill was a journalist and writer who later served as an advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 to 1936. His big break came with his interview of Andrew Carnegie in 1908. Intrigued by Carnegie’s assertion that the path to success could be broken down into a simple yet comprehensive formula, Hill accepted Carnegie’s challenge to study and interview more than five hundred extremely successful individuals to determine to what they owed their vast achievements.

This masterwork identifies thirteen principles that every person should adopt if they are serious about achieving success – all are empirically based in the aforementioned decades of research. Hill has synthesized what wealthy and/or exceptionally successful individuals have in common. This classic guide is one of the bestselling books of all time, having sold twenty million copies by Hill’s death in 1970. With razor focus, desire, persistence, and perseverance you too can join the likes of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie.

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