My name is Michelle Whymark, I am Brazilian and currently living in Switzerland. I consider myself a person that always had clear life goals in my mind, knowing what I wanted to achieve by a certain age. It does not mean that doubts and internal crisis didn’t appear on the way, after all this is a sign that you are changing, growing, and evolving. And with that your goals might change as well.

I like changes even knowing how difficult they are. Changes made me who I am today. They made me a stronger and better person because I try my best to learn with my experiences and bring the good part with me. My experience living abroad was definitely one of the greatest and best challenges I could experience, moving from Brazil to Norway, and now to Switzerland. I met so many different people on the way, was exposed to many cultures, weather, lifestyles… these definitely expanded my horizons about life. How to see a situation from multiple angles, how to behave in particular environments, how to adapt.

On this journey I met my husband during a weekend trip in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, back in 2012. Since the day we met we are together and faced another big challenge by having a long distance, intercontinental, relationship for 3 years. It was mos certain far to be easy but we embraced the challenge and travel a lot to see each other. We were in Rio, London, Paris, Marrakesh, Oslo, Turin, Neuchâtel, Milan, Geneva. He proposed in 2015 on the canals of Kerala, India, and in 2017 we got married in Lisbon, Portugal. Our daughter Eva was born in 2019 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

I know one thing for sure, future is exciting and the world is my oyster! Even with all the the challenges and all the difficulties, I was blessed with so many opportunities and I know I succeeded because I embraced it with all my heart. As a famous Chinese proverb says: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  So let’s keep walking towards a great life full of achievements!

Michelle U. Whymark

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