When thinking about my projects and the ways I will implement them, I have to deal with obstacles that are mostly in my mind and related to my attitudes: doubt, confusion, laziness, frustration. I know my mind is in full capacity, producing all these amazing ideas, but it takes effort, patience, and most of all, persistence to put it place. This mid-June I’ve been passing through a lot: pregnancy, moving to another country, dealing with a new culture, learning a new language, selling an apartment, and having to find a new routine with my husband. The latter I have to say, is a constant challenge. Simply because being in a relationship, living with another person, no matter how much you love him or her, how right you are for each other, is a freaking challenge. We are different people, we have different personalities, we were raised differently. So, how to persist and invest on a successful relationship?

During my morning studies I bumped with a video about Copywriting that mentioned about Features x Benefits. We all heard how we must advertise Benefits instead of Features. We are selling feelings because this is what people buy. No one wants to be sold, they want to feel they are making a decision. And you know what, this is an absolute true for love and business. Why am I mentioning something personal here? Because if you don’t feel good with your personal life or you are way to stressed, this will impact your will power and drive to do other stuff. From my experience you would need to be in another level of balance to continue focused in your projects, in the same way, with the disrupt of stress on your personal side.

So, I kept thinking about Features x Benefits, over and over again yesterday. Why should I focus on the features of my relationship (he is doing this, or he hasn’t done that, or I don’t agree with this attitude, etc, etc), driving me mad, instead of thinking of the benefits of being together. About the life we are creating as a couple, the loving family we want to have, the funny moments we want to share…all the benefits we will have by being together, no matter what. I love a phrase from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, when the mother of the bride says: “The man is the head but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head anywhere she wants.”. I know about feelings, specially mine, and I will control them and not the way around. I will repeat something that Tony Robbins once said: “Nothing in Life has any meaning except for the meaning that I give it”. And I choose to have the life I desire, personally and professionally. Knowing yourself and how to control your mind and attitudes will help you to understand the benefits of every situation in your life, not the features.

Keep meditating, reading, learning and persisting.


One thought on “Features x Benefits

  1. I am really very proud of you. The woman of Uchôa ‘s family never give up. We love, we cry, we become sad, tired but we will never give up. I love you and I always will be there for you.

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