If you want to change your life you have to change yourself.

At the end of 2017 I was having a professional crisis. I was extremely demotivated at work, surrounded by people complaining all the time at the office, really struggling to have things done. I always considered myself a positive person so being in that state annoyed me a lot! So, I tried to be positive, listen to motivational videos while working, trying so shield myself from all the complaints (couldn’t stand anymore hearing every day how the food in the canteen was not good, that managers were horrible, bla, bla, bla). Complaining is like a cancer, it contaminates and consumes you, therefore it only made my crisis worse.

Determined that I wanted to change, that I wanted to get out of that environment, I started looking for alternative ways to make money. I wasn’t sure of what I was looking for but I had to do something. I was debating if I still wanted to be in my career (I still love Geology!) but at that point even the fact of continuing working as a geologist was something in question.

One Friday night in 2017, I sat down and started looking for ways to make money in a flexible way: from home, just for few hours, working on the internet, being your own boss. That was the first time I heard about e-commerce and I decided to try. And I failed, miserably.

Today is January 2019 and many things happened since that night in 2017. That moment of confusion and feeling lost led me to spend way to much money that I didn’t have, fight with my husband, and being in huge debt trying my “new thing”. Despite all of that I also discovered many good things that I continue to exercise in my life today. And I would like to share this  “juice”, about what I could squeeze from this bitter (sometimes sweet) lemonade:

  1. Be completely honest to yourself and the people around you. Communication is hard but necessary.
  2. Plan before you act. Taking risks are definitely good for your growth but an assessment of your situation, being aware of you and your finances, is crucial for your progress and success.
  3. Focus is important! Excitement as well. Don’t get distracted with every shine thing in front of you otherwise you will have a problem.
  4. I know there are lots of great people out there trying to help you, and I know they are genuine. However, don’t get excited following all of them blindly. As I said above, only you know what you can afford. You are capable of everything! But this is a learning process, a long road. Be smart, think. It’s only sometimes that you have to jump.
  5. Last but not least. Don’t be fooled by people when they say you can start anything with only 20 dollars. That is a lie! Again, make an assessment, a cash flow, and then start investing in yourself and your business (whatever that is).